Who Is CTC: Church That Cares?  

We are an Apostolic, Spirit-led community of believers who value first and foremost our relationship with Jesus Christ. Our desire is to be a disciple of Jesus and disciple others for Jesus, through baptism, the infilling of His Spirit and teaching of His Word. Our services consist of powerful praise and worship, a deep working of the Holy Ghost and God-Inspired messages by our Pastoral Staff. Our campus is home to many different ministries and events, feel free to browse this site and learn more about them. Thank you for reading this digital expression of "Who We Are" and remember, WE CARE!!


 CARE Values 


We value doctrine, it is our foundation. We are committed to keeping and teaching our Apostolic Foundations to all generations.


We value a move of God's Spirit. We believe that the Gifts of the Spirit, demonstration of the miraculous and the prophetic are essential parts of our Apostolic Identity.


We value prayer. Prayer is where we build our relationship with Jesus, it's how we keep Him at the center of our life and it is where our needs are met.


We value a culture of discipleship. We believe that making disciples is a Biblical mandate that we are called to fulfill. Our desire is to train disciples through the Discovery of Apostolic Foundations.


We value generosity. We believe that God gives so that we may give. Cheerful Giving to the Kingdom of God, to our community and to people in need is an Apostolic mandate that we love to fulfill.


We value serving. Serving in God's Kingdom is a great privilege. Our desire is for everyone to find their gifts of service. 


We value generations, old and young. Our desire is to respect the past, embrace the present and equip the future. 


We value community. Our passion is to show our community that “WE CARE”.


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